Are you looking for a purpose in your life?

Are you worried about the changes you see happening in the world?

Are things happening to you that you never thought would?

Are you having trouble attracting what you would like in your life?


Using timeless wisdom as well as the latest cutting edge tools and information this 6 week course will teach you how to take charge of your life and start living in a fulfilling, purposeful way. You have the power within you to create the life you want and to attract to you the people and situations you want. This power is there right now waiting for you to start using it in every aspect of your life. This course will give you actual tools and methods to get started right away. These 6 weeks will transform your life in ways you may not have imagined were possible for you. Some of the areas covered are:


· Finding your life purpose

· Moving from victimhood to empowerment to awakening

· Attracting what you want in your life

· Uncovering and changing limiting beliefs

· How to make a changing world work for you


To ensure that all participants receive individual attention the class size is limited. Call or email now to secure a place in this life changing experience.

“It’s given me some more great tools for life and shown me clearly where I can change my thinking to open up to more possibilities.” K.S. La Conner, WA

“Helped me open up to my potential. Very rewarding—just what I needed! E.C. Mt Vernon, WA

“I am now actively in the process of creating my exciting, fulfilling, new job.” J.S. La Conner, WA

We are now settled in Maui, Hawaii and looking for a venue to start the next class. Watch this space for updates!

Judy Flores has developed an expertise in intuitive guidance over the last 25 years as she has helped people work through significant periods of growth and development in their lives. She believes that we are powerful spiritual beings meant to experience joy and is committed to helping all of us achieve that in our lives.

Michael Warmuth, MA has been in the work of personal growth for over 20 years. He has seen the power of using centuries old spiritual wisdom along with the latest developments in spirituality and self development to transform our lives, and will be bringing that perspective to this class.

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Change your beliefs and change your life!

Opening and Allowing

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